Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing for Auto Dealers

Automotive Pay Per Click and Targeted Display Advertising

We run text, graphical, and video campaigns through search and display networks, targeting people based on keywords they search. These campaigns are served to visitors no matter which type of internet platform or mobile device they are researching from (computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.), but are geo-targeted so that our specific audiences are the only demographics we reach.  Our search engine marketing campaigns for automotive dealers can be broken down among several avenues. Each search engine marketing tool or campaign provides our dealers its own unique way of reaching more potential car shoppers and conversions.

PPC (Pay-Per Click) Our automotive search engine PPC campaigns include various geo-targeted keywords that reflect your dealership's brands and models. These text ads appear right at the top or side of search results and can target keywords from both general and specific searches, including anything from "buick" to "2011 buick regal syracuse ny" They also are geo-targeted to a radius around a region; that way, you can make sure that only people within your area will see your ads.

These PPC campaigns also include click to call options for those who are accessing the results specifically on their mobile devices. In additional to the click-to-call accessibility, we provide Google Tags and specials management for our dealerships and dealer groups so that we can advertise different sales incentives or service coupons. It allows another opportunity for car buyers to come into contact with our dealership or dealer group through the search engines and Google Maps.

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Contextual Advertising Targeting specific websites based on their visitors' demographic is another element of our geo-targeted search engine marketing campaigns for our dealers and dealer groups. Based on the brands and franchises, we buy ad space on various websites that are segmented to fit those specific car buyers.  We target your customers and advertise on various websites throughout the online marketplace. This increases our clients' conversion rates and allows us to target car buyers based on their website behaviors and sites that they visit. (Ex. We advertise on different websites and pages for Cadillac buyers than Honda buyers, and so on).

Another benefit of our contextual advertising campaigns is that they are also done visually through banners, animations, and video. As opposed to the text and PPC links on the search engine pages, it allows us to captivate the website viewers with video and imagery that is specific to those models and brands for our dealerships and dealer groups. We design the video, banner ads, and animations specific to each individual model and pricing incentive for our automotive dealers. These images, video, animations, and text ads are also geo-targeted so that we can capitalize on a better ROI and conversion statistics.

Behavioral Behavioral marketing allows us to continue to target both image, text, and video ads to people who have visited your website as they surf to other sites on the web. We can continue to reach these specific individuals and target ads on other websites to keep your dealership and dealer group in the car shopper's minds. We are also able to change these ads and video in real time to target what each individual visitor's level of interest is. In other words: when a car shopper visits your site we can provide targeted text, graphical, and video ads about the specific vehicle, service, or credit application/opportunity that they’ve already shown interest in or began to fill out. To explain in more detail:  A car shopper visits your site and looks at a new Ford F-150.  Then, when they leave the site we are able to advertise display, text, and video ads about that F-150 they were viewing on 92% of the websites they visit afterwards. Behavioral marketing allows us to segment the visitors of your website and provide a much more accurate video or banner ad to a car shopper that has already shown interest in that specific vehicle or dealership. This gives our dealerships and dealer groups a better opportunity of re-acquiring this website visit, providing a much higher conversion rate. It also provides website visitors and car buyers a continual top-of-mind-awareness of our dealership and vehicles, ensuring we're always being repeatedly branded to consumers who have already visited our websites. Our behavioral campaigns for automotive dealers and dealer groups are also geo-targeted, so we can specifically advertise to a pre-determined market or demographic.

Analytics Each SEM campaign for our dealers and dealer groups are monitored daily and Potratz provides monthly reports to provide our clients with which campaigns are providing more leads and conversions. These reports also include our behavioral and contextual targeted campaigns so our staff and your dealership and dealer group management can monitor the successes of each specific ad that has been running. Our extensive level of monitoring also provides our SEM staff with the ability to take advantage of hot keywords and trends that are continually evolving every day. The result? A more targeted and better ROI for our dealership and dealer group. Are you ready to get started? Contact Potratz today.