Consistency in Marketing Reduces Ad Waste!

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Hendrick Case Study
Case Study:

How a Honda Store Achieves 137% Fixed Coverage with a POTRATZ marketing strategy

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Hendrick Case Study
Case Study:

Steven Toyota expands digital presence with POTRATZ and Google AdWords

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Hendrick Case Study
Case Study:

Heninger Toyota Scion expands digital presence with POTRATZ and Google AdWords

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Progressive Campaigns

POTRATZ Progressive Campaigns are tailored to your specific market and encompass every profit-center in your dealership. Cohesive and consistent messaging drives sales and recognition in your market, building long-term relationships and generating new customers.

  • Marketing Consistency
  • Strong Brand Awareness
  • Print, Web, TV, Radio, Newspaper. All Covered.
  • Team of Strategy and Brand Experts

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Hands-On Training

Your marketing strategy needs to be followed up by a trained team working to convert the traffic coming to your dealership and website. POTRATZ Leadership Academy combines live webinars, on-site seminars, and digital training materials into a unique training opportunity for your team. Get everyone, from sales to service, front desk to management, on the same page and working on one goal: Sell More.

  • On-Site Training
  • Online Webinars
  • Digital Training Materials
  • Phone Conferencing
  • Staff Process Evaluatiosn
  • Secret Shop Testing

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Leadership Academy

Stay on the cutting-edge of marketing with POTRATZ Leadership Academy. Receive exclusive white-papers, detailed case studies, and weekly videos on the latest marketing tools and strategies that will keep dominating your market.

  • Weekly Strategy Videos
  • Latest Case Studies
  • Exclusive White Papers
  • Invites to Exclusive Events

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Benchmark Reporting

POTRATZ shows you where your marketing efforts are paying off, and where you have opportunity to grow. POTRATZ Benchmark Reporting gives you the hard numbers, explains what the numbers mean to your strategy, and how you can improve your growth. Every. Single. Month.

  • Advanced Analytic Reporting
  • Detailed Marketing Analysis
  • Opportunity Discovery
  • Monthly Report-Based Strategies

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Emerging Technologies

New marketing tools and strategies come out every day. Have access to closed Google Beta Programs, the latest strategies, advanced marketing tools, and a team of experts ready to implement emerging technologies to your marketing strategy.

  • Access Close Google Beta Programs
  • Latest Tools and Strategies
  • Advanced Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation Platform
  • Social-Optimizing Processes

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One-on-One Support

Your account will have a team of industry experts working to optimize your marketing dollars. You'll have an Account Expert ready to discuss your strategy and guide you through any concerns or questions.

  • Personal Account Expert
  • Full Digital Support Team
  • Industry Experts on Your team
  • Monthly Marketing Meetings

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