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Pre-Roll Video Ads for Auto Dealerships

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Have you ever gone to YouTube, Vimeo, or MetaCafe to search for your favorite music video or for information on the new 2012 vehicle line ups? If your answer is yes, I am willing to bet you have seen video pre-roll before. Video pre-roll is a video advertisement that plays before an individual’s desired video content. A video could also play as post-roll (after a video) or mid-roll (during a video).

How it works: Video pre-roll is created to represent your dealership’s brand message, integrating your digital and traditional campaigns. It encompasses all the advertising messages your dealership has while summing up what a customer needs to know in 10, 15 or 30 second clips. Ending in a call to action, the video links to a specific conversion page on your website.

How it is targeted: Just as every integrated element of your campaign has a purpose, a reason and a result, video pre-roll is no different. The videos can be targeted behaviorally to people who have visited your website or searched for topics related to whatever the pre-roll promotes (a specific vehicle brand, automotive service, etc.) or contextually based on keywords. Also, you can pick specific categories of videos, YouTube channels, game sites, news sites, or other networks to place pre-roll.

What the benefits are:
- Cost-effectiveness: relatively low cost for impressions and clicks through to your website
- Increased website traffic: links people to landing pages on your site and adds them to your retargeting campaigns.
- More precise targeting and higher engagement than TV campaigns

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