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Custom Websites for Car Dealerships

Automotive Website Design

Automotive Websites are just as important as the brick and mortar of your actual dealership. They are the second foundation for your brand, since more than 81% of the car buyers today research a dealer’s website prior to coming in and seeing the vehicle in person. So customizing your dealership's website to stand out from the competition is more crucial than ever.

Potratz designs and develops different levels and options for customized websites for automotive dealers. We create full custom websites, mobile sites, and micro sites & landing pages. These various custom dealer web sites are broken down and listed below.

Automotive Advertising Consultation

Custom Websites - Potratz designs a full custom website that specifically fits the need of your dealership. We launch each website one at a time, to ensure that all features are specialized and individualized to your dealership down to each minor detail. These sites contain the latest tools and technologies and work fluently with social networking platforms. All of our customized sites work with numerous third-party hosting vendors for a flawless inventory integration to go along with your truly one-of-a-kind design.

Our websites also include User Interface Control Center that allows your managers and staff to update specials, vehicles, and creative in real time. This also provides an in-depth analysis so you can effectively monitor your Google website analytics, and conversion rates all within the back end of your site. We also are continuously updating our sites daily to keep our dealerships on the cutting edge.

Have an idea? Then let us know! Since our sites are all individually built, we can can customize any feature to specifically match your needs as an automotive dealer. Ready to take your website to the next level? Contact Potratz today.

Mobile Websites - Potratz also develops and create mobile websites, making sure your dealership is compatible with all smart phones and mobile devices. Just like our full custom sites, these mobile websites are made individually to match your dealership's identity. Each mobile website integrates with social networking platforms for easy sharing and promoting capabilities. In addition, Potratz mobile websites do not utilize flash, so they can be viewed in full capacity on iPhones, iPods, and iPads. More car buyers are visiting your dealership's website via their mobile phones and that number is just going to increase as technology and mobile devices continue to develop. Are you ready? Contact Potratz to get started today.

Landing Pages & micro sites - Improving your search engine optimization value and rank is crucial in today's digital arena.  Potratz designs and develops brand and model-specific landing pages filled with content and video to help your dealership's SEO. Each landing page or micro site is customized to fit your dealership's brand identity and include any sales event or incentive that your marketing campaigns are currently advertising. We provide analytics and conversion tracking to monitor all traffic and ensure each page is driving leads and opportunities for your sales staff. These pages are constantly refreshed to reflect the latest in pricing, content, or video so each car buyer that visits these pages always has the opportunity to submit interest on a current incentive. These micro sites live in  the online marketplace forever, so they are always contributing inbound links and positive SEO for your dealership for years to come. Ready to add to your SEO and drive more leads? Contact Potratz to get started today.