Facebook Spam? No Mam!

 If an ultimate goal of your social media marketing strategy is to gather likes and shares on Facebook, prepare for change in accomplishing this task.

In an attempt to enhance the news feed experience for Facebook users, relevancy will be the center of attention in deciding what shows on a users page. Every time you log onto Facebook, you only see what you want and care about, right? The truth is, probably not. Pages are becoming more crowded with spam and posts that are clearly made to solicit likes, comments, and shares in order to gain additional distribution and exposure, a practice Facebook refers to as Like-Baiting.

According to Facebook, “When we survey people and ask them to rate the quality of these stories, they report that like-baiting stories are, on average, 15% less relevant than other stories with a comparable number of likes, comments and shares.” Soliciting users to take actions on your post doesn’t increase your exposure if it’s not relevant! To prevent this, Facebook will make improvements to better detect these types of posts and not allow them to show more prominently in News Feeds over more relevant stories. Posts that do engage users in discussion will not be affected, only those who explicitly ask for Likes, Comments, and Shares.

In addition to combating Like-Baiting, Facebook is creating ways in which they’ll fight repetition and spam. The ultimate goal being for Facebook users to have the best experience possible every time they log in.

As other users frequently share great content, there can be instances where Facebook feeds become repetitive and the same videos and images are seen again, and again. If you’ve already seen it, it won’t be as important you the next time around. If people are seeing it for the fifth time, the more likely they are to complain about it. In knowing this, Facebook wants every News Feed to be new each time a user logs in, and is stepping up their game to ensure a user has a preferable Facebook experience.

To rid the News Feed of spam, Facebook is narrowing in on which posts are spam, by measuring how often Facebook users who visit a link, follow up by liking or sharing the post. According to Facebook, spam posts attempt to trick a user to click a post; users may think they just clicked to a photo album, for example, but are directed to a page of ads. The update is currently already seeing improvements, with a 5% increase during early testing towards users clicking on links that take them off Facebook. This is a great sign towards a relevant News Feed.

Most publishers will not be directly affected, but those who create spam or like-baiting posts will see less distribution of their posts over the next few months. The moral of the story is, to be relevant when developing and implementing your Facebook marketing strategy.

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Rules of Engagement


How engaged are your customers?  As more and more ads appear on the Internet daily, it’s important for yours to stand out.  The growth of online marketing has been substantial in the last few years, and it is necessary to stay on top of industry trends to remain competitive.  The key to capturing consumers in this fast-moving era is to provide opportunity for engagement.

 According to a recent content study by Ad Age and Google, “Consumers have moved from leaning back, receiving brand messages, to leaning forward, actively engaging with them.”  This means that your ads must entice the consumer enough to take that step and lean forward to engage.  So what makes your ads stand out in this “Participation Age” of engagement?

It is proven that engaged consumers buy more.  The first step is developing an effective online marketing strategy.  It takes more than just throwing your ads up on the search and display networks.  You need a set strategy that includes who your audience is, how you’re going to target them, and what message you will convey.  The stronger connection you make between your brand and the consumer, the higher the engagement and the more you sell.

What makes one interact with an online ad?  In one consumer survey, the answers included a recognizable brand, aesthetically pleasing graphics, and the ability to interact.  Branding must remain consistent throughout your online ads.  When creating online display ads, remember to include your logo and colors.  Animated ads are a great way to get users attention from the center of the screen to the top or side, where your ad will most likely be displayed.  A strong call to action is also necessary to drive your message home.

It’s important to remember that engagement can and should be measured.  How many clicks are you getting on your ads?  How many people are responding on your social media platforms?  You must evaluate the relevancy of your ads and how they are helping you meet your online marketing goals.

Engagement means many things to many different people.  Whether it’s consumers taking action, sharing socially, creating a connection, or creating loyalty and retention, it’s important to remember these rules of engagement.

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 Not Your Father's Google Ads


“We are always testing things,” said Amit Singhal, keynote speaker at the Search Marketing Expo and Senior Vice President of Search at Google.  “We have to experiment with things and let the data tell us what to do.”

Recently, Google users have seen business locations, phone numbers, links and even company ratings popping up under the text ads displayed in their search results. The latest test the company has pushed out will now make the ads look a little more like organic search results.

Prior to this ongoing change, paid ads were primarily placed at the top of search results in a yellowish box that would make the ads stand out. Now, ads will begin to show with almost no distinction from the organic search results. With the “new” Google search, text is bigger, links are no longer underlined, the yellow box has been removed and ads will only include a small yellow badge stating “ad” next to the paid link.

This design was rolled out last year for mobile users, and to keep the look and feel consistent, users on desktops began seeing these ads this past November. While users may find it more difficult to differentiate between paid links and organic search results, if Google keeps doing what they have always done and deliver accurately targeted links to what users are searching for, then click through rates will rise and users will buy!

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Announces Newest Apprenticeship Program

Potratz, the industry leader in digital automotive marketing, located in Downtown Schenectady, holds another apprenticeship training program at their offices located at 31 Lafayette Street in Schenectady, New York.

The Digital Apprenticeship Program is a six-week long paid training position, in which participants will receive valuable training, experience, and connections in the growing field of online digital marketing. At the end of the apprenticeship, and upon completion of the Google AdWords Certification exams, outstanding candidates may apply for full-time positions within the company. Under the direction of Nan Mossey, director of digital marketing, the apprentices can expect both classroom hours and real-world experience while assisting the search engine, social media, and  account services teams in their daily duties.

Potratz has held three previous rounds of the apprenticeship program, featuring four participants for each segment. Director of Human Resources, Kimberly Roselle, stated, “The response from applicants to our digital apprenticeship program has been tremendous – so much so that it allows us the opportunity to have our pick of the best of the best.”

COO and founder of Potratz, Paul Potratz endorsed the program and sees it as a benefit to both the participants and the company offering, “This is an incredible opportunity for anyone who is looking to gain experience in the powerful industry of digital marketing – not to mention it allows us the opportunity to continue to grow our team with individuals who are willing and ready to learn!”

“Over the past few months we have been able add eleven new members to our team at Potratz through our digital apprenticeship program,” said Mossey, adding “I’m excited at the prospect of what this apprenticeship program will mean for the future of our Online Marketing Department at Potratz. Knowing that our new hires are fully trained and ready to work for our clients makes our entire team more efficient and successful.”

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Paul To Speak At 15th Digital Dealer Conference & Exposition

The 15th Digital Dealer Conference & Exposition announced that, Paul Potratz, founder and COO of Potratz, headquartered in Schenectady, NY, will be speaking when the conference meets October 15-17 at The Mirage in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Paul’s topic, “5 Things You Can Do This Week to Increase Leads and Sales” is slated for October 16, 2013, at 9:30-10:20am, and will take attendees step by step through website edits in order to showcase a conversion increase of 0.378% to 9.89%.

Paul is very excited to be a part of The 15th Digital Dealer Conference & Exposition and looks forward to helping dealers with their online advertising strategy. Paul stresses the need to embrace change and keep on top of the latest digital trends in order to increase both leads and sales.

For more information on the 15th Digital Dealer Conference & Exposition, click here. For additional information on Potratz, or to receive announcements of future speaking engagements, click here.

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Real World Marketing: Are You Prepared?

Daily processes and industry standards are constantly changing and growing, therefore continuous training is an important aspect of any company. Keeping up-to-date on the latest trends and opportunities provides employees the chance to always be learning, and allows the company to stay a step ahead of competition.

Digital Marketing is an arena in which this fact is always true. The utilization of the Internet in marketing has grown in volumes since it was first introduced and it does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon. There is something new to be discovered every day, the possibilities for digital marketing are never ending, and the opportunities available to us as a company to improve are endless. In order for a company like Potratz to stay in tune with the latest digital marketing developments training is a constant necessity.

The department heads at Potratz have made it a top priority to ensure that every team member is highly trained not only on how to do their own job, but to know how that job fits into the bigger picture of a client’s marketing strategy. Whether it is in the field of SEM, Social Media, Video Motion Graphics, Graphic Design or Account Management, at Potratz information is offered as a training session and is open to the entire company. Every Thursday at noon the Potratz staff gathers in the conference room for a Leadership-led meeting focusing on team improvement. Recently, during our weekly Leadership meeting, each employee was asked to list five aspects of their daily job requirements and state whether they felt a coinciding training session would be beneficial to both them and other team members.

Based on the feedback received from team members, the next month at Potratz has been filled with daily training sessions on the topics requested. The training sessions will cover all scopes of work within the company ranging from “Industry Terms and Concepts” to “Proofing Graphics and Video”. No matter what department an employee works in, they have each been encouraged to attend any and all sessions that they would find interesting or helpful for their own personal scope of work.

The more we can each learn about our own jobs, the jobs of our colleagues and the industry within which we work, the more efficient and effective Potratz will become.

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