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Video/Radio Production for Auto Dealers

What ads make you take a second look on TV, and what ones do you actually remember? We seek to create ads that inspire people to take a second look instead of grabbing the remote to switch channels. Our TV and Radio production goes far beyond simply listing price points while showing running footage. We seek to engage viewers with high-quality ads that stand out from typical car dealer advertising, and once we have grabbed their attention, call them to action.
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We incorporate your dealership’s latest sales and service incentives into our scripts, also tying in both national and dealer-specific events to drive traffic to your lot. Also, we seek to build familiarity with the car buyers in your market by featuring dealer principals and managers in the radio and TV spots. Associating a familiar face with your dealership will drive more leads and ultimately sell more cars. We use the best professional video equipment and software to produce spots that take your dealership’s image to the next level. Also, we handle all aspects of production from media buying to co-op management, taking work out of your hands and using our expertise to help you maximize your budget and reach your target audience.