Retargeting for Auto Dealers

Keep Your Automotive Internet Marketing Message in Front of Consumers

Retargeting is a specific form of behavioral targeting. With retargeting you are able to create a fully integrated campaign strategy. First you, drive traffic to your site with search ads, then retarget to those users by displaying tailored ads on sites throughout display networks. Retargeting gives you the opportunity to continue to communicate with people that landed on key pages on your website. We are able to target both image, text, and video ads to people who have visited your website as they surf to other sites on the web. We can continue to reach these individuals and target ads on other sites to keep your dealership in the customers mind. We are also able to change these ads and video in real time to target what each individual visitor's level of interest is.
Automotive Advertising Consultation
Retargeting allows us to segment the visitors of your website and provide a much more accurate video or banner ad to a car shopper that has already shown interest in that specific vehicle or dealership. This gives our dealerships and dealer groups a better opportunity of re-acquiring this website visit, providing a much higher conversion rate. It also provides website visitors and car buyers a continual top-of-mind-awareness of our dealership and vehicles, ensuring we're always being repeatedly branded to consumers who have already visited our websites. Our remarketing campaigns for automotive dealers and dealer groups are also geo-targeted, so we can specifically advertise to a pre-determined market or demographic. In other words: when a car shopper visits your site we can provide targeted text, graphical, and video ads about the specific vehicle, service, or credit application/opportunity that they’ve already shown interest in or began to fill out. To explain in more detail: A car shopper visits your site and looks at a new Ford F-150. Then, when they leave the site we are able to advertise display, text, and video ads about that F-150 they were viewing on 92% of the websites they visit afterwards. All of our automotive marketing services are designated to drive leads without losing sight of a targeted and custom message that is specific to your dealership and franchises. Fill out the form to the right to get your retargeting campaign started with Potratz today.