Automotive Marketing Automation & Lead Scoring

Auto Dealer Marketing Automation/Lead Scoring

Lead Management for Automotive Marketing

We put the right tools in the hands of your salespeople so they can maximize their time reaching prospective leads and selling more cars. At Potratz, we subscribe to the latest marketing automation software which allows people to instantly receive a customized response as soon as they fill out a form. This triggers a series of drip marketing messages that contain relevant content based on the vehicle or service the person inquired about. A salesperson can then be notified to follow up on the lead with a phone call or personal message. The process is designed to keep your dealership’s brand top of mind with messages continuing one week, two weeks, one month, etc., after they fill out a form on your site or a landing page.
Car Dealership Consulting
Our lead scoring tools clearly rate whether a lead is warm or cold. The rating is based on different criteria that evaluate how close that person may be to purchasing a vehicle from your dealership. We see how active people are in responding to your sales staff and gauge their interest level in buying from your dealership. This process can help you determine which leads to aggressively pursue. As a result, your sale people can use their time more efficiently, increasing productivity and profitability for your dealership. We want your salespeople to succeed in selling cars both on and off the lot. Through marketing automation and lead scoring tools, Potratz can help streamline your process.