Paul Potratz To Join Grant Cardone and Mel Robbins in 10X Seminar On October 3rd, 2013, Paul Potratz, founder and COO of Potratz, will be joining Grant Cardone and Mel Robbins in the 10X Your Business Seminar in Orlando, FL. The event is set to gather some of the best in social media, marketing and PR, offering inside knowledge on industry-proven strategies for growing a business. Grant Cardone has a history of pumping new life into businesses suffering from some of the side effects of economic downturn. His show, “Turnaround King” was responsible for saving companies on the verge of extinction. Syndicated Radio Host, Mel Robbins has made a name for herself as a media and technology expert. Together, the two promise to put together an event that will be guaranteed to increase business and sales for all attendees. The 10X Your Business Seminar will feature experts from many different business backgrounds. The list includes PR expert for Axia Public Relations and Emmy Award Winner, Jason Mudd, Jack Jackintelle, President and CEO of multi-billion dollar company, Rick Case Automotive Group and best-selling author as well as personal financial expert, Christopher Music. For more information on 10X Your Business Seminar, click here or to receive information about Paul’s speaking engagements, click here.