Holiday Promotions for Auto Dealerships

As the holiday season approaches, auto dealers seek ways to take advantage of the holiday spirit to promote their dealerships. One way to do this is to choose a charity to donate money to and then use Facebook and Twitter pages to encourage people to give. For example, Chevy dealers are running the Chevy Gives More campaign and integrating this with Facebook. A charity promotion is a good opportunity to help those in need as well as to build fans on a Facebook page.

To encourage people to like a Facebook page, dealers can commit to give $5 or another amount to charity for each new like on the page. To push this promotion, a full campaign includes Facebook ads, pay-per-click display ads on other websites, and web panels on an auto dealership website. When running a promotion, the dealer should post frequently on the page to keep people coming and giving.

Dealers need to show a personal side to encourage people to come to the dealership and give. Salespeople should take pictures and video at the dealership, showing themselves and any donation boxes. People can come to the Facebook page and watch as the boxes grow fuller.

If you are running a donation to charity this holiday season, do not miss the opportunity to promote your efforts on social media. Build your Facebook page as you encourage fans to give.

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Paul Potratz

November 22, 2010

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